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Wholesale PPE

Dealyze PPE Supply has deep relationships with some of the largest distributors in the USA as well as global operations near partner factories allowing us to locally oversee the order placement, production, inventory transfer, and freight of our inventory.      


Full Transparency Promise

Unfortunately many urgent buyers are uneducated about the ordering process and the risks involved with the various options. The important first step of our process is making sure the buyer understands all ordering options available and receives full price transparency. We want to play our part in educating and informing buyers to make sure orders are delivered on time with the product they expect.

Trusted Suppliers

We work with many manufacturers in the USA and overseas including FDA registered factories to ensure all of the products we deliver are of the highest quality and CDC certified. Please let us know the intended use of your PPE so we can make sure all necessary standards are met and the correct product is ordered.

Timely Direct Air and Ground Freight

Our team has considerable expertise coordinating complex ground, air, and sea freight delivery, which requires a thorough knowledge of regulatory requirements and logistics. Generally, this is difficult to achieve without a local presence and expert counsel.

Low Landed Cost

The Dealyze PPE Supply team has levered a number of key global and domestic relationships to gain competitive pricing of high quality products, which has allowed us to pass savings to our distributors and end buyers.

Flexible Product Sourcing

Our team characterizes and sources a wide array of PPE. If your company is having trouble sourcing a scarce product, we can help.

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Healthcare services, government agencies, essential services, and distributors are given first priority. We look forward to working with you.