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Meet the Team

We founded Dealyze PPE Supply with a single mission: to help as many people as possible get access to the most affordable & safest personal protective equipment during this pandemic.

Will Baron 

Will is the co-founder & CEO of Dealyze, who took his customer loyalty centered marketing platform through Y-Combinator in 2015. Now Dealyze has partnered with several companies to build a product capable of servicing an upcoming nationwide launch to all Metro by T-Mobile stores. Through his journey, Will has developed a world class aptitude for enterprise relationship management and investor relations.

Mark Salpeter 

Mark is the co-founder & CTO at Dealyze, who along side of Will took the company through Y-Combinator in 2015. Mark took the Dealyze platform from zero to hundreds of thousands of active users. He is passionate about designing and architecting elegant, effective technology based solutions that solve complicated problems in order to have a big, positive impact on the world. 

Sam Baron

Sam is the Head of Customer Success at Dealyze. Sam joined Dealyze in 2014 as employee #1 to work with his brother Will and childhood friend Mark on building a startup company. Together they took Dealyze through Y-Combinator on 2015. Sam's primarily focus is on the customer facing experience in Client Services ranging from sales, customer success, technical account management, SaaS implementation, and technical support at different tiers.

Steven Wu 

Steven is a global operations specialists and hardware manufacturing expert based in Shenzhen, China with years of experience designing custom hardware solutions, including the hardware Dealyze uses for the Metro by T-Mobile program. Steven has tremendous experience navigating logistics between the US and China and has several key business relationships currently being leveraged Dealyze PPE

Ben Baron

Ben is a serial entrepreneur and joined his brothers, Will and Sam, as the VP of Engineering at Dealyze in 2018. Ben founded his first company in 2010 and released a highly rated app called iSub Music Streamer. In 2012 he was the lead mobile developer for Anghami, an international music subscription service with over 1 million downloads. Ben joined Apple as a Senior UI Engineer in 2013 primarily focused on Photos 1.0 for Mac. In 2016, Ben was the co-founder and CTO is Balance Software, a crypto focused finance app for Mac and iOS.

Evan Hanson

Evan joined Dealyze in 2017 as Head of Expansion. Since then Evan has overseen our expansion into thousands of retail locations across the country. In 2012 Evan cofounded Dallas Social, a local influencer platform with over 145k followers. Evan went on to be the VP of Sales at iCracked and lead the sales team from $75,000 in sales to over $420,00 in sales each month.

Trevor Colley 

Trevor is business generalist with 8 years of high-level finance experience in a manufacturing environment. Most recently, he served as a key direct advisor to the CFO of a ~$500 million annual revenue base medical device company. Trevor received his MBA from William & Mary after graduating valedictorian at Virginia Tech, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management.